Digital Automatic Mini 96 Egg Incubator

Digital Automatic Mini 96 Egg Incubator



This egg incubator is stable and reliable, time-saving, labor-saving, and

easy-to-use. egg incubator is the ideal incubation equipment for propagation of poultry and rare birds and small and medium-sized hatchery.



Auto temperature control

Auto egg-turning





1.Voltage: 110V/220V





      Chicken eggs: 96pcs

      Quail eggs: 264pcs

      Bird eggs: 264pcs

      Duck eggs: 48pcs

      Goose eggs: 48pcs

4. Automatic egg-turning (every 2 hours)

5. Automatic ventilation control (every 2 hours)
6. Automatic temperature humidity control

7. Automatic displaying temperature humidity

8. Automatic alarm when temperature humidity abnormal

9.Size: 54*25*21cm

10. G.W/V.W9KG/21KG